I’d like to slap that Ms. Penrose. What contempt! Politicians everywhere are lousy. To keep a lid on things, the best they can do is accuse a cleaning lady of theft. Soon it will all be her fault.

Sometimes, I find myself wanting to scream at the absurdity of the people leading us. I’d be more than willing to take to the streets again with my protest sign. But it’s useless. Our leaders see demonstrations as an attempt to dialogue with them. Afterwards, they speak of getting the message “loud and clear” and how they’ll address the issue. But it’s just another way of keeping a lid on things. We can’t go on playing by the rules of their game. If we want the world to change, we need to roll up our sleeves right now. If something serious happens, let’s do whatever we can to make things right. And for starters, we need to be informed. You should help me. We need to search Internet, explore, dig around, gather up the smallest clue that will bring to light whatever they’re hiding from us.

There’s no proof that my mother sounded the alarm because of the people at the embassy getting sick, but the coincidence is a little too extraordinary for all this not to be linked. Together, we’re going to find out the truth. We won’t get fooled again. We have the power now to take control of our lives.

You ask me if I’m not afraid of starting a panic. There’s no risk of that – I’m not CNN, or even a popular vlogger like Sara Cash. Having a few thousand followers doesn’t make me an influential person. I’m not interested in having influence. I want to act with my own means, not tell others what they should do. Our parents were always waiting for some kind of superman to appear and save them with a wave of the magic wand. I only believe in me, and in you.

Thank you, thank you. Just now, Camille, following me from Paris, is connecting me to Quentin, the son of the French cultural attaché in Wellington. He attended the Thanksgiving diner at the U.S. embassy there.