Tequila began posting about herself on InLine(1) and other social networks shortly after her thirteenth birthday. Four years later, on 27 November of Year Black, when Agent Pi struck, she was still posting regularly. As a key witness to events and soon-to-be member of the Resistance, she provided live accounts of the tragedy. At the World Health Organization, we’ve gathered her most remarkable posts so that, pieced together, they will help us avoid ever finding ourselves again in a similar situation. With Tequila’s agreement, we have merely corrected some clumsy phrasing due to her hurried writing. We’ve also added occasional footnotes(2), often with reference to scientific details. We hope reading this will enlarge your horizons and strengthen your faith in our common purpose.

(1) At this time, InLine had become the most widely used social network by young people. Based on a block chain-type technology, it guaranteed anonymity in communications as well as total freedom of expression, even in the most undemocratic countries.

(2) This is how Tequila introduced herself before the events began:

I post on InLine because I like to illustrate my texts with a photo that has been retouched, drawn on, or twisted in some way… I read your comments and will answer them in my following posts. Sometimes, I dictate my impressions live, thanks to vocal recognition.

You know how InLine works, we’re allowed 2 200 characters per post, so that forces me to be concise. No, I won’t tell you everything about my life, you nosy people.

No photos of me (especially nude ones).

I live somewhere on the East Coast of the United States (far from Manhattan).

I’m 17 years old (but that won’t last).

That’s enough for now.

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you about Mystic. I never sleep without her. Her purring protects me from bad dreams.